Monday, February 9, 2009

eBay Scalling Odyssey & All I Need is Scale!

The two presentations show five principles used within Ebay when implementing a webservice. I really liked these principles. I think they show the hidden side of a success story, which many may tend to say it is mostly related to the business model and overlook the hard technical problems that were overcame.

Authors then outline the challenges of moving such an application to Cloud computing. Among the most important challenges are: the difficulty in migration between Cloud/non Cloud, the fact that accountability and SLAs are difficult/not clear.
I think this is a classical dilemma in computer science, to structure better for evolvability but loose efficiency VS to be monolithic and not evolvable but be more efficient (e.g. a similar example is micro-kernel vs monolithic kernel). I think in time a better structure always wins, although the time when the performance requirements can be met by such a structuring cannot be easily determined. The principles presented before for structuring an application, strongly advise to use a better structuring for scalability/evolvability.

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